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Serving and Honoring 10 Years


Dr. Rickey A. Nation, Ph.D.


Ordained Minister
Ph.D. Christian Psychology
NCCA, Christian Counselor
NCCA, Pastoral Counselor
NCCA, Temperament Counselor
NCCA, Board Certified Sexual Therapy

Board Certified Clinical Supervisor through the National Board of Christian Clinical Therapists

Dr. Nation has extensive training
through Bethany Divinity College and Seminary in the following:

Biblical Marriage & Family Counseling
Biblical Reality Counseling
Biblical Depression Counseling
Biblical Crisis Counseling

Dr. Nation received training in Biblical Counseling as part of his seminary education and is licensed by the Church
to the Gospel Ministry. He has been counseling families and individuals
since 1991.


Dr. Nation worked in restaurant management, sales and marketing for a total of 7 years. He also began three different youth ministries in several schools. This experience enabled him to begin Abundant Life Christian Counseling Services and write this one of a kind course.

Bethany Divinity College and Seminary

Satasota Academy Christian Counseling

National Board of Christian Clinical Therspists (Supervisor)

APS Certified

Nominated Outstanding Young American

Nominated Who's Who In Business

NCCA, Professional Clinical Member

NCCA, License # NA72655

Nominated Biltmore's Who's Who 2010

2011 Temperament Award Recepient


Start with confidence, reliability, and trust and continue with God's working in your life as never before!

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 Odds are most people who begin a ministry of counseling will fail within 36 months. Moreover, those few who do make it, even fewer will last beyond 10-15 years! Most secular counselors retire or change professions at year 15, according to a leading professor at a nationally recognized private college.

Then again, Christians don't live by odds and Christians are called of God.You will discover hope and encouragement as each principle is presented in 7 easy steps and most of all, God's spirit will be leading and strengthening you through each step. You truly can begin your ministry of counseling in 30 days!


"But let every man take heed how he buildeth thereupon" - I Cor. 3:10


Until now, there has not been a course of study that walks people who are called of God through the process of how to begin a counseling ministry in a home, church, or outside office. Accordingly, there has not been software available nor a step-by-step manual presenting this pertinent information in such a way a called of God person can begin a counseling ministry within 30 days. Can you imagine spending years in training and investing thousands of dollars, and not knowing how or where to begin? Many have been in this situation and given up. How tragic! If you have ever heard stories of ministries that have failed, it is horribly sad. We must protect the name and cause of Christ.




    • How to Begin a Counseling Ministry and Take it Higher: Seven easy-to-read and follow steps written in a devotional manner

    • The two-disc DVD set, How to Begin a Counseling Ministry in Your Home, Church, or Office features four professional counselors explaining how their ministry operates in an easy to follow format

    • The Fast Forms CD has 26 forms, which are absolutely ctitical to your effectiveness and long-term growth. These forms are printable and can be tailored to ministry needs or completely redone using ours as an example.

    • You will be helped not only by and active counselor but also by the author of this course, who uses these same principles that God gave him to begin Abundant Life Christian Counseling Services. Dr. Nation is not only a counselor but also a teacher of counseling who actively counsels 1200-1500 hours per year, conducts speaking engagements, and holds seminars. Do not be misguided by other organizations that do not have the experience, guidance, training, and proven track record to help you each step of the way for the first year - absolutely free.



General Benefit:

  • Begin your calling in 30 days or less
  • Receive three continuing education credits
  • Transfers into a B.A., M.A. or Ph.D. in Christian Counseling through Abundant Life Christian Counseling Services training program. More info >>


15 Specific Benefits:


  • Change the lives of others for eternity. Bring others to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ
  • See the power and truth of God’s Word change lives and set people free
  • Bring America back to God by offering God’s solutions through the one-on-one counsel from God’s Word
  • Establishing the ministry of counseling back under church authority, where it originally began
  • Satisfaction of others seeking you to help save their marriages, children, and family members from destruction
  • Lecture, conduct seminars, and write material to take your counseling ministry even higher
  • Enjoy being in a one-on-one setting counseling others or conducting group counseling
  • Make many new friends for life as you reach out to counsel others
  • Put the secular competition out of business because their ways do not set people free
  • Details, facts, data collection all make this course fun and interesting
  • You will help others in ways you never would have imagined through support, feedback, and working together with counselees
  • Have fun and be creative by adding your personality and style as you and God begin your counseling ministry
  • Solving people’s problems and helping them solve their problems is one of the main goals in a ministry of counseling
  • Evaluating people’s current situations and past conflicts makes interesting research as data is collected and analyzed to help others